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Customer Service Training

Online success comes down to relationships. It’s a popularity contest…really. People don’t buy from people they don’t like or don’t establish a comfortable level of trust. This is true online or offline. People are people, regardless of the channel.

Many star companies of the 20th century are failing and do not even know it yet. They are the remnants of a narcissistic arrogant outdated corporate image. Whatever service attitude is true inside the company will come out. Lost is the ability to spin for damage control.

Not only does social media attract new customers, customer service must be tied into social.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Getting customers to return, OR getting them to brag about you to family and friends completely changes the economics of your business. Top producers already know this and rely heavily on referrals to grow profits.

High customer satisfaction leads to more and easier referrals. A Satisfaction Survey is the absolute best tool to:

  • Establish a baseline satisfaction index for critical areas;
  • Define strengths & weaknesses compared to industry averages;
  • Harvest possible marketing material: "Independent survey shows 3 out of 4 clients would recommend our service to close friends & family."

There is nowhere to hide

Internet search providers are moving towards incorporating a "customer review" index into search results. The writing is on the wall. Bad customer experiences will bury those with sub-standard service.

"Never has a high customer Loyalty Index been more valuable than right now. Lenders with high customer satisfaction will find themselves at the top of the search results."

An effective customer satisfaction survey program should focus on measuring customer perceptions of how well the company delivers on the critical success factors and dimensions of the business. These usually include factors like integrity, service promptness and staff responsiveness.

The HUG customer satisfaction solution includes industry standard survey templates, a platform for hosting data collection, automatic notifications, and an advanced suite of analysis tools for analyzing customer satisfaction.

Mortgage Trends Webinars

You and your staff can learn from industry leaders in our Mortgage Trends Webinars.

  • Staff introduction to industry best practices
  • Customer service core values training
  • Successful marketing strategies

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